My anniversary

It has been one year to this day that I had my first ever panic attack. Not something to celebrate, but rather a time of reflection. Since that day, I have had a rollercoaster of events. There have been many improvements in this year in regards to anxiety, but there have also been things I've needed to work on. This time last year, I had no clue that I was going to travel down the path that I am now on. Little did I know that my anxiety was going to get worse and that I would have to start from the very beginning. However, if I look at January  when I had my breakdown and couldn't leave the house to now, it shows an improvement. I am gradually getting on public transport, gradually improving my attendance at school, I can leave the house, talk on the phone, ask for things more often, buy things and i'm gradually ending my second break from driving lessons and are soon going to pick them up again. I've also completed my AS levels and managed to overcome a German speaking exam and first aid course along the way! These are only some of my achievements this year, I hope to continue to improve. Recovery is a very hard journey; you can be very confident one minute and not the next. However, I'm working really hard towards full recovery.

I know it is GCSE results day today and I hope that you all got what you deserved and wanted. Remember; grades aren't everything and 'work hard, play hard!' 

Amy xx