Bare in the jungle

'I'm a celebrity' has recently returned for it's thirteenth series and as much as I love the programme, this year has brought something new to my attention. I thought I would write a quick post about it. If you don't like' I'm a Celebrity', just hold on for a bit as I promise there is a moral to all of this! 

The programme has shown me just how different people can be from first impressions, or long held impressions for that matter and relates to my phobia post. The notion that the people we perceive as perfect; such as celebrities, highly powered people and even the people we come into contact every day all have fears, has been reinforced. We may never know what these fears are, but I'm assured that everyone has them.

I often watch a programme called the Wright Stuff. It's a talk show focusing on the news of the day and includes debates on current affairs. The host really surprised me as he is always composed, appears confident and often has intelligent input into the debates. Whilst watching the first episode of the series, it showed me that the people you don't think have any problems, do! He was extremely scared of creepy crawlies to the result of panic. It really surprised me because of my long held impression of him as a talk show host. It reinforces my thoughts that even celebrities and high powered people who seem perfect, do have their fears. They all just have different triggers and some of them we will never see the reaction to. It made me feel not as alone on this journey!

Best wishes,
Amy xx