A very important, but quick blog post that I feel obliged to write. 

For a long time now, I have realised how many people are suffering throughout life and with such conditions as mental illness. There are so many people, whether they've been diagnosed or not, whether it's severe, or not so, whether it's a terrible day, or a continuous drag of bad thoughts; there are so many people out there suffering. At the beginning of discovering I had an issue with anxiety, I thought I was alone in battling this. I had blinkers on, but I was wrong in my belief that I was alone. 
Every day never fails to surprise me. All of the 'perfect' celebrities that can result to panic because of a fear, and even the people you assume are perfect are in fact are suffering with their own battles. The people you see every day, including family members, friends, teachers and colleagues may all be battling something severe of their own, even though you would never in a million years have guessed it. 
The moral of this story is, that a person may be very good at hiding how they are feeling and a simple 'how are you doing?' may reveal a lot of information that they are struggling. However, there are many that keep such issues close to their chests, and it may take a few times of encouraging them to speak about it. If they don't want to talk about it, that's also okay as they will talk when they are comfortable. Don't be afraid to lend a helping hand because you never know, you might be the one who keeps them going.

Until next time,
People, help the people!
Amy xx