You can buy determination?

I asked the people of twitter whether they would be happy to see a series on education here on my blog and many were happy with the idea. This series will include advice, tips, my thoughts, mental health and anything else that can be to do with education and motivation. If you have a specific topic you want me to write about, don't be afraid to let me know.

You can buy determination?

Many times a day, I hear and read about people lacking motivation and/or determination. "Where can I buy some motivation and determination?" you ask. Well I have come up with a solution.

Over these last few months, I have felt drained and I suppose I have lost a bit of my determination. But, looking back to last year I questioned what it was that encouraged me to keep going; whether that be through my A-levels, discrimination and general self improvement. I ended up writing a little speech and it has relighted my fire to go full steam ahead. 

Think of all of the people that have said you couldn't do something. For me this is the biggest determination. Recall all of those comments people made about you, saying that you can't do it, you'll never make it. All of those times they made you feel awful. Recall these and use them to your advantage. Show these people wrong and show them you can do it. Beat them and have the last laugh. Never, ever let someone make you feel small, and if they make derogatory comments, know that they will regret it because you will succeed.

Think about what will happen if you achieve what you want to. If you want prolonged periods of sadness and hurt because you knew you could've tried harder, then don't work for what you want. You'll end up in a worst state. Or imagine where you could get to. You've worked incredibly hard with blood sweat and tears. Yes, you've missed out on a few gatherings with friends, not eaten what you wanted, but you've achieved your goals and this has made you elated and so happy, and ultimately got you where you've wanted to be. This happiness lasts for a very long time in comparison to the blood sweat and tears you've shed. I know where I'd rather be. I am not going to let myself get behind and have it affect possibly years of my life, making me sad, wishing I'd done something at the time. Don't make your life harder than it needs to be.

Think of all of those times you've been disappointed with yourself. All of those times others may have been better (it's never useful to compare, unless for this reason!) think of the times people have gloated about how far they've gotten, and how secretly unsympathetic they were to you. Well, take this anger from the disappointment and other people and show yourself and the others that you can do it. You will improve and you will beat the others and again, have the last laugh. Work it and win it. You can do it, so do it now. You have the power to change it, so why not start now? If you want it enough, you will get there. Work hard, play hard.

Best Wishes,
Amy xx