Fear of failure

For as long as I can remember, I've strived to be perfect. This can be used to my advantage because it makes me do things to a higher standard and work my socks off, but on the other hand it can drive you to insanity. 

Sometimes, It results in me not feeling as if I have the ability to tackle certain situations. I guess this is where some of my anxiety lies. I get extremely anxious at the thought I might do something wrong. It's not healthy, as doubt and fear are the biggest killers of ambition. Rather than run from fear, try and embrace it!

What you and I must understand is that no one is perfect, as much as we like to think we could be or feel people are. We all make mistakes and it's just part of nature. And when we do make a mistake or 'fail' then we feel awful. I guess this is why I've been so obsessive over grades. Unfortunately, failure is inevitable and something you can run from, but will probably catch you up. The important thing is, is to ensure you keep going. 

As I've grown older, the bigger the world has gotten and the things that once seemed so important, aren't so. I now know grades aren't the end - nevertheless I will still strive for perfection to ensure I do well. As I've grown, the power of failure has lessened, but still has a strong presence. It is something that I must learn to accept is going to happen.  However, it's still important to try your best at whatever you do. 

This fear of failure is getting in the way of me living my life, such as taking my driving test. I mustn't avoid the situation, but I must tackle it head on. So, let's all try and do something we fear we may fail at. Try your best, and see where it gets you. Highly likely, you will do well. Failure will happen in life, and you cannot live a life without it.

Best Wishes,