Time to change

Today is time to change's first time to talk day. Today, millions of people across the country and across the world will be making their first conversation about their mental health.

Time to change is an organisation which is battling to reduce the stigma around mental health. They hold events, have media campaigns and anyone can get involved.

Many people are holding events with organisations, or are just doing their bit to spread the word and dispel myths.

I am very proud that we have come to a stage where we can talk about mental health much more openly, even if there is still a bit of a taboo around it.

Just think, one conversation can change someone's life and have a positive knock on effect to others. 
If you haven't done so already, grab a cup of tea, or go and get your jacket and go to the park; try to talk, text, draw, write - whatever you can. I'm not saying its easy, because it's not, but today is a day to try and start a conversation for better mental health. I hope that this will be the beginning of the end of the stigma against mental health.

As I've mentioned, talking is the most important thing to get onto the road to recovery. Talking about your mental health, doesn't just have to be today either. Talking about it can be any day, and any time, as well as the time to change campaign. You can volunteer, share your story and write a pledge.

Congratulations to everyone that has spoken or tried to speak about their mental health today. Let's keep the ball rolling.

Best wishes,
Amy xx