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I'm quitting!

Don't start panicking as I'm not actually quitting, but I know many of you reading this may be thinking of doing so in one way or another. 

There will always be things that we try in life that just don't suit us as a person. There will be sports you won't like and clubs you want to run away from. This is normal and you shouldn't feel ashamed if you don't want to continue with the activity anymore.

However, education is a completely different game. Many a time throughout my time in education, I've wanted to quit. Not because I cannot be bothered, but because of the pressure and the overwhelming fear that I won't be able to do well. On the other hand, my anxiety has been a major factor in wanting to quit education because it's often become too hard to try and get out of bed to get there every day. This may sound very weird, but you may get a better understanding if you read my post on school. 

Exam time is slowly approaching and I know there will be many of you which are thinking of quitting before the exams, whether that be in not trying or actually leaving education itself. This period of time will be extremely hard, but just remember that there are hundreds of thousands that have gone through this before and survived and so can you. It may sound strange about 'surviving' exams, but you may be surprised to know that suicide rates are at their highest around exam time, and this is why it's important to bring light to the topic. However, this will be discussed in more detail in a future post.

Before you think about giving up completely; whether that be with education or anything else in your life; make sure you give yourself a few weeks to fully dwell over the pros and cons of the situation. Then you'll be able to make a fully informed decision. Secondly, look back at what you've achieved. If it's education you're questioning, think about all of those years of your life you've been to school, and all of those hours you've shed, blood, sweat and tears to get the grades you've always wanted. It's important to talk to someone when you're worried or feel like quitting in any way, and this is what I did as many a time I thought the only way to survive was to quit school. However, even though this is an occasional thought, my family have been there to try and talk me through it. If you are to do anything, then talk as this is the key to all.

I wish you luck with whatever challenges you are facing in life at the moment and good luck to those who are taking exams. Only you know what choice is right for you, and I wish all the best in what decisions you make.

Best Wishes, 

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