Mind over matter

After recently watching Davina Mccall's sports relief challenge, I was inspired. After only three months training, she managed to swim, walk and cycle for 500 miles in seven days. Even after finishing the challenge she couldn't believe how she'd managed to do it. Throughout the week she endured a lot of pain and tears, but still managed to continue.

The program had got me thinking. Someone who's not a professional athlete and who has only trained for three months, managed to complete something so massive; it seems almost incomprehensible. That's because it seems unlikely that the body could be put through so much. However, this where the mind comes in.

I couldn't believe that Davina was doing so much; her mental ability surprised me. It showed me and many other people that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish many things. Her positive mindset overcame the pain she was going through. You can apply this to any situation in your life; to a sports competition, eating healthily, and even to your education. If you really focus on a goal and the thing you want to do, you will get there. There will be obstacles in the way and setbacks, but if you try hard enough and build up your mindset, you can accomplish. Go for it!

Don't forget, you can still donate to sport relief.

Best wishes,
Amy xx