Don't worry, I'm not going to start talking in German; the language is just important for this post. Anxiety is as we would say in German a 'teufelskreis'. Anxiety is a loop, which is extremely hard to break.

We begin this loop with a fear of something and we have the fight or flight in response to this fear. These symptoms and increased anxiety makes us want to run away from the situation as far as possible; in this way we know we will be safe. But, because we avoid this situation and go back to safety, we create a 'Teufelskreis', where we feel disappointed and angry, but are still inside of our comfort zone.  The devils circle as it's known or downward spiral is hard to break as we repeat the same habit again and again. It's only when we do something a little bit different that we are no longer a prisoner.

Don't worry, I can hear you saying "yes, that's all well said and done". I know, it's much harder than it looks; I've been there! What us anxiety sufferers are known for is the what if, as I mentioned in my social anxiety post. Because of this what if and intense fear, we find ourself stuck in this circle. Once we overcome this 'what if' and just go for it, this is when we can tackle anxiety. 

If there's one thing that I've learnt when battling anxiety, it's that the fear is worse than the actual action. Talking on the phone is nowhere near as bad as I imagined, work experience was no where near as bad as I thought, catching the bus wasn't too bad after all and going to school; once i'm there I can just about cope. The thing is, once you try and remind yourself of this, you'd be surprised at what you can accomplish. Believe me, I know how hard is not to run away, I know how hard it is to not believe your anxiety symptoms; it tests you to your limit. But, sometimes and there will be a sometime for you, you can and will take a step into the unknown.

Repeat "everything will be okay", because you know what? The actual action won't be half as bad as you imagined. Everything you do in regards to an anxiety is an accomplishment, so don't give up if at once you don't get the result you hoped for.

Best wishes,
Amy xx