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I've left therapy!

As it says in the title, I've left therapy. For those of you who are regular readers, you'll know that I've had three different types of therapy including CBT, hypnotherapy and general counselling both private and on the NHS. I spent many months battling to get therapy, but it has been the best thing that I have done; especially CBT. It has helped a lot and I advise anyone considering it, to at least put your name down as we all need a helping hand once in a while.

I must admit it is a very strange position to be in. After almost two years of speaking and challenges, it has been decided that I am well enough to leave. I suppose I'm both happy and sad; happy because of the improvements I thought I would never make, but I suppose I'm nervous that I don't have the support anymore. I have learnt a lot and I have improved a lot and for that I am grateful. Of course, I still have bad days and days in which I need help, but that's normal in recovery. 

All of people that have helped me through my therapy, have been amazing and I am very grateful for that. Remember, if at first you don't get on with your chosen therapist, there are many others out there that you may feel comfortable talking to. I know that it's hard, but unfortunately the main way to improve is through talking. I know many people have reservations about talking to a stranger and believe me in the height of my anxiety, I was petrified. But, as time moved on the easier it became. I knew I had to talk to someone, whether I wanted to or not.

I wish you all the best on your recoveries and remember, talking to someone is one of the best things you can do; especially a professional! Please, please don't feel ashamed either - there is nothing to be ashamed about, you are just trying to get better.

Just a quick note before I end this post; unfortunately there'll be no post on Sunday as I will be preparing for my German exam. Wish me luck, eh!

Best wishes,

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