Mental health awareness week

I thought today's post should let you know about the up and coming mental health awareness week. This year, mental health awareness week is taking place from the 12th to the 18th of May with a main focus on anxiety. Similar to the time to talk day back in February, the aim is to try and raise awareness of mental health. Next week there will be a range of events to help get rid of the stigma and inform people about the issues surrounding it.

Unfortunately mental health is still somewhat of a taboo and thus we need to raise awareness of it. It just so happens that this year the focus is on anxiety, which a very common mental health issue and also what blights my daily life.

So just like the time to talk day, everyone has the opportunity to help raise awareness. There are so many possibilities; you could share you story of mental health to someone else, give a presentation to dispel myths, tweet something, raise awareness in your school;  anything to raise awareness is great and is just what the week aims to do. Of course, some of you won't feel comfortable to talk about your personal experience and that's fine. Don't feel ashamed if you're not ready - after all I'm an anonymous blogger.

Luckily, mental health is slowly gaining more respect and thus hopefully we will one day no longer have to put forward such campaigns. But for now, go for it and let's get the ball rolling. And as always, mental health awareness is on every day of the year not just one week. Make sure to tell as many as you can about this up and coming week and encourage them to take part to banish the stigma. 

You can click here for supporter kits and more information.

Let's do this!

Best wishes,
Amy xx