Look up

Although this is something I don't usually write about and seems somewhat contradictory, I feel it's important to write about. 

I found the video 'Look Up' through Anna's blog and I have to say it's pretty impressive. It focuses on the many moments in life that we miss because we spend the majority of our time using technology. After all, we don't know how many breaths we're guaranteed. 

Although I use the Internet a fair bit, not only to write this blog and to keep in touch with all of you, but to talk to friends and keep up to date with events. I can go without it and I often find myself without my phone when going out.

However, technology has become a main part of our lives. I know that it can be annoying without my my iPod and the internet general. Nevertheless, it's not a complete disaster that I don't have access to it sometimes. I often find that when you leave the technology at home, your mind is much clearer, especially if you leave it for a long time. Nowadays, even though technology is essential, I find it has disadvantaged us. The times when we're on buses, or in waiting rooms and no one dare to make eye contact in the fear that someone may talk to us. You never know where a conversation may lead and the experience it may hold. As the video touches on, you're not going to remember all of that time you've spent on technology, but rather look back at the time you've missed. 

There are definitely many advantages to technology and for that I am grateful, but occasionally we should take a break and observe the world in which we live. 

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx