Raising money for mind!

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I'll soon be doing a fundraising cycle for the charity, Mind.

I will be doing a seven day cycle of around 30 miles each day along the river Moselle, which is in Germany. As much as I love cycling, traveling and having a go at practicing my German A level, I know it's going to a big challenge; whether that be my anxiety levels when speaking German or my fitness levels whilst cycling!

The aim of this cycle is to raise as much money as I can for the charity mind, which many of you know do a fantastic job at helping people who struggle with mental illness. You can find more about them, here. With myself, many family members and many of you I connect with on twitter being affected, it's time to give something back. As I've mentioned before, mental illness affects 1/4 people and we need more awareness and help, which charities such as mind are doing their utmost to provide.

I would appreciate it so much if you could sponsor me for my seven day cycle over at my just giving page. It will give me some encouragement to keep going when my legs are burning, but also you'd be giving money to help others who are battling severe struggles with their own mental health.

You can sponsor me by clicking on this link: https://www.justgiving.com/reliefromanxiety

With this in mind, I may not be able to stick to the usual timetable of blogging, but I will try my best and will update you as soon as I get back.

Thank you for sponsoring if you have or are doing so. Even if you can't sponsor me, I'd be grateful if you could share this blog post or even tell your friends and family. Nevertheless, keep fighting!

You've got this,
Amy Xx