Summer series: Germany in Mind

Germany is the third installment of my summer travels, which many of you know I did in partnership with the charity, Mind. I have just completed a five day cycle for the charity alongside the Moselle river in Germany. You can still sponsor me for my cycle, here and help Mind continue the amazing work they do for those struggling with mental health. I appreciate any donations a tremendous amount; we've managed to raise over £150 so far. Thank you so much!

It was a long road trip to get to Germany, including travel through the eurotunnel to France, then Luxembourg, Belgium and finally Trier in Germany, in which I cycled an average of 40 km a day for five days.

Having been to Berlin a few years back, I saw Germany as a very modern place. However, this part of Germany in which I cycled is much more beautiful; a bit like being in a movie. Throughout Trittenheim, Zeitlingen, Tries, Zell and Koblenz, there are hundreds of vineyards and historic quirky towns all situated alongside the busy Moselle river. There was always something new to see and plenty of nature. It's one of those places in which the pictures just don't do it justice. 

Germany is definitely a cycling country; there were bikes everywhere and miles dedicated to it. The people were also extremely friendly, greeting us with 'morgen' and 'Hallo' wherever we were. We often met some lovely people who we spent a few hours chatting to at a time. It appears however, they tend to drink a lot of fizzy, as the traditional drinks found in England were non existent and the only water was 'mit kohlensaure', which created some funny translation situations. Ice cream is also a massive thing in Germany, that alongside the infamous bratwurst and apfelstrudel. We were very lucky with the accommodation too.

In terms of my anxiety, it was pretty good! I do think the exercise was beneficial in all of it. My health anxiety improved as time went on and I managed to find the confidence to do a bit of translation and ordering using my knowledge of German too. By the end of the week though, my legs were almost dead. The cycling mixed with the heat created a difficult combination; I don't think I've felt as tired as I have over these past few days!

I have included some pictures below; let me know what you think. Don't forget, you can still sponsor me too. If you have any questions about Germany or Mind, don't hesitate to comment.

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx