Summer series: Lanzarote

First of all, I cannot believe it's been a whole month since I've posted anything. I've been so busy revising for exams amongst various other things, that I had ran out of time. But, I am back and I will try to stick to the usual blogging timetable for July, even though it's going to be quite busy. Thanks for sticking around!

Some of you had tweeted me, writing how you'd like to see some of my travels of the summer and thus this is what I'll be doing! It won't necessarily be focused on mental health, but rather the trips I have taken.

First stop is Lanzarote. Apart from the few cloudy days, it was really hot and I must say it's nice to have a break from everything. The majority of the time we stayed in the resort, but did make a few trips to go to the market and another to puerto del carmen, which seemed somewhat influenced by the british with cooked breakfasts and roasts on various cafe menus! The food at the hotel was excellent and so were the staff, I just wished I had brought my cycling gear so I could explore more of Island. The mountains appeared to be changing every day; it was very picturesque. Meeting the regular cats and birds was a nice extra along with getting to know some lovely people!

Anxiety seemed to play a minimal part in the holiday, which was a nice change. There was one night in which I felt very on edge, but I managed to follow some breathing techniques to avoid a panic attack. Generally however, I really enjoyed myself. Lanzarote is a small island, but it's still unique in it's own way and in many ways is very beautiful.

I've included some pictures of my trip below. Let me know what you think!

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx