Summer series: London

My most recent trip was to London, which was eventful to say the least. I love London and although it is quite a journey, it's always worth it. The trip has definitely been a benchmark as to how much my anxiety has improved, which I will talk about later in this post.

We started off at St. James' park where I fed the squirrels and had four pigeons on one arm at one time. We then went to Camden Town to have a look around the market, which is always amazing and full of so many quirky and special finds. Following a few tube trips, we made it to Westfield shopping centre where we had a look around. It's massive in comparison to anything I know of back home. Afterwards we didn't have much planned, but ended up going to tower bridge, soho and piccadilly until meeting a friend for a while; one which I hadn't seen in two years! Besides my friend Ellie falling up the stairs in the tube station, everything was going swimmingly until we got lost...

We had to be at the coach station fifteen minutes before the coach was to depart, so naturally we began to make it to the coach station or so we thought. It got to around ten minutes until the coach was going to leave and we were still clueless. Therefore we asked a taxi driver where abouts it was and he gave the directions and told us to hurry up with walking. However, with only five minutes to go until departure, I went up to another driver and asked to take us to the station. During the short journey however, the taxi driver starts having an heated argument across the road with the previous man that we had originally spoken to! After jumping out of the taxi, we ran through the station to be greeted by no sign of our coach. After talking to various people, we got on the coach with minus one minute to spare. I have never been to grateful to be on public transport before!

My time spent in London as always, was great. Reflecting on the trip has made me realise how much my anxiety has improved. As many of you have read, when my anxiety was at it's worst I couldn't catch public transport, let alone talk to a stranger. But a few years on and I managed to ask for things, phone for a taxi, get in a taxi and be in a coach for six hours. All of this, I never would have dreamed of doing a few months or years back and for that I am proud. Of course, this isn't always the case and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get anxiety when faced with those situations, but If I can do it sometimes, I know you can too. It's a battle we all must keep fighting.

Take a look at some of the pictures of the trip and let me know what you think!

Best Wishes,
Amy xx