Bad days

I know when I write this blog I tend to appear to be positive, which can sometimes give a rose tinted view of my own situation. 

Many of you will know that anxiety is not an easy thing to go through in everyday life. Not being able to do the things that others can because the anxiety is that overwhelming, is extremely frustrating and saddening. Those of you that have anxiety will also know that doubtful thoughts are very hard to over power no matter how many people say "you'll be fine" or "you're in control". It's easier said than done.

Everyone in life gets a bad day, where things go wrong. But with anxiety, a bad day can be titled when it just overwhelms you, and when you can't do anything. We all get those bad days. There is many a time when I cannot cope, when I have a bad day, when I cannot leave the house and when I can't do things my friends are doing. I know that many of us suffering with anxiety get this and some have said that this blog shows I am coping. Yes this helps, but I am not immune from bad days and recovery is a journey with bumps in the road. I am just like you.

It's perfectly normal to have bad days. It doesn't mean you've gone right back to the beginning, so don't be hard on yourself if you're not doing as well as you have hoped. We all must keep going; even if you feel like you've gone back to square one. It's just a step back, you've come so far already.

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx