Summer series: Belgium

On the way back from my cycle through Germany (you can sponsor me here) we visited Belgium. It was my first time in Belgium and I have to say it's intriguing to say the least. I did see some weird and wacky things.

I only spent two days in Belgium, but during that time we visited Ghent and Brussels. Brussels was the place I really wanted to see, but it was very touristic; full of souvenir shops. However there were some great chocolate stores and a lovely cheese store called 'Tonton Garby's cheese store' where he made home made sandwiches and who is the friendliest person I have ever met. If you ever go to Brussels, make sure to say I recommended you. (The food was great too!)

I much preferred Ghent, which had kept more of it's culture. On the night we arrived, it was the last day of the Ghent music festival to which 200,000 had been to the night before. The atmosphere was electric and there were so many diverse characters. I also managed to find the best vintage shop ever. There was so much variety, at such a good price. I ended up buying four items, which I will do a post about later on. The pubs and bars are a world away from anything like the UK; so full of character, quirkiness and the best music. The trams were also pretty cool and so were the churches; in which I lit a candle and watched the most beautiful church choir sing; angelic! In one of the churches there was also a 'thought tree' in which I left a note about my blog. If any of you find it, let me know! On the last night however, my dad managed to drop my shoe in the canal, slightly funny but I was then shoeless. At least I get a new pair!

Whenever I go on holidays, it makes me reflect. I came to realisation that this is what life is all about; traveling, experiencing and enjoying. I found myself thinking about getting stuck in the same routine and how refreshing this break was. In everyday life, you never get a chance to look outside yourself because we're always so absorbed. The little anxiety voice in my head telling me to not do things was silenced for a while too; I thought 'just do it'.

I've included some pictures below.

Best wishes,
Amy xx