Summer series: France

On the way back from my cycle through Germany (You can still sponsor me!) I went to France for a day or so.

I've always loved France and it's always been a childhood memory of mine. We stayed overnight in a place called Lille. Although it has maintained it's culture, it's pretty expensive. Unfortunately I didn't buy very much, apart from when I went to the market. The morning market there reminded me of an old market which would perhaps be found in London. Unfortunately, the markets where I live don't resemble this as much. It was so busy and so nice to see people buying all their fresh food and handmade gifts, which seemed like such a blast from the past.

In the evening we found the best Cafe I have ever been to. It was so old and rustic, with posters of old singers and movie stars all over the walls. There was an old fashioned juke box and vinyls everywhere. I ended up buying a vinyl by 'The Arrogants' which was actually the son's band of the Cafe owners. As well as that, a well known Belgian DJ played vinyls all night, whilst we spoke to some lovely French people. I just loved the atmosphere. I must say though, I did feel slightly out of place as I know next to no French! 

I've included some pictures below. Let me know what you think.

There may not be a blog post next Thursday as it's A-level results day. Next Thursday I will know whether I will be going to university or not; wish me luck! I hope all of the hard work has paid off and I have been a victor over my anxiety >:) You can read more about my battle with anxiety and school, here. Good luck to all who are also getting results!

Best Wishes
Amy Xx