The gender debate

When you mention mental illness, I reckon the majority of people would see it affecting mainly women. The general stereotypical view is that women are caring and sensitive and men have to be macho (believe me, I want to get rid of these stereotypes as much as the next person does) Men feel that they often have to hide their feelings and supposedly that this is why men don't tend to seek help for their mental health issues, but it is extremely important to do so. 

I was watching the TV the other day and Mind were being interviewed, explaining that the suicide of men outnumbered women 3:1 in the last few years and which can be understood due to the lack of willingness to reach out. If this blog post does anything, it's to raise awareness of the mental health issues that men can face in the same severity as any woman can. They deserve to seek help if they need it.

There is no point in risking your health over some society's construction about being a 'real man' because we'd all rather have health than living up to some unwritten expectation.
So, if you know of a man that may be experiencing mental health issues, share this post and let them know that it's okay. Men suffer with mental health issues too and it's crucial for you to get help; you're not inferior for doing so.

Best wishes,
Amy xx