I'm seven years old

I was watching a show on TV called 'The Speakmans' who help people get over their fears and phobias.  I found this one line that was very interesting. At the time, a lady was being interviewed by the Speakmans, as she had a phobia of taking medication. She was currently on dialysis and still wouldn't take any medication. It occurred to her that her phobia began when she was around seven years old. As a result they interviewed some seven year olds about their view on medication and saw how simplistic their answers were and in fact how positive. They were then asked about the prices and definitions of some words such as tax and insurance and how they had no awareness or understanding, as would be expected. Thus she was taking advice from her seven year self, even though a seven year old doesn't have a massive grasp on the world around them. The advice isn't what you should be listening to.

My problems began at around seven and this literally stopped me in my tracks. I thought that this is exactly what I'm doing. Every time I try to run away from something due to health anxiety or any other type of anxiety, it's my seven year old self. I must remind myself that I am 18 and I am fully aware that no danger is present. Although this is hard, it is definitely a ground breaking moment and has really affected me!

What about you?

Best wishes,
Amy Xx