I'm off

This is it. In less than a week I will be at university. It's weird to think of because of my poor attendance throughout my A-levels making university seem impossible. Nevertheless, I am going and it just shows that you can still live your life even with anxiety. I have to admit, it's like waking up from a nightmare. I've finally woken up after all of these years and I'm about to start a new chapter. It's been 10 years of battling with my mental health and finally I have made it and I can't quite believe it. Thinking back now, it's like having all of my memories flash before my eyes; all of those days anxiety drained my hope and life, and then the rare light that picked me back up again. I can remember it all as if it were yesterday and it's the strangest feeling. I know that I've not recovered from my anxiety yet, but I am a whole world away from where I was before. I'm sure that university will be a challenge even without anxiety troubles, but will also be the making of me. 

Not only is it weird to think I am moving out soon, because I never thought I'd see the day. But, because I have been quite complacent; I guess I just don't feel old enough yet. Supposedly you never feel old enough anyway, you just learn how to deal with things; no one really knows what they're doing! Not only that, but I have to leave my friends and family behind. I know it's not forever, but I won't see them as often. I don't want that to come any quicker than needs be. 

I'd much rather go now than experience the hell which was my anxiety at school for another year. I'll never forget the people who've made this possible for me and who've kept me going during the darkest of times. I appreciate it more than words can say.

I guess it's time to start packing! It's time to move on and begin another journey. Let's hope it's more of a dream than a nightmare this time!

You can do it!