Anxiety is strange

I've always thought that from the outside anxiety seems strange, and many people fail to understand. For many, the struggle to catch a bus and someone getting in a panic about it can seem silly, as for some this presents them with no danger. I often find myself as a 19 year old feeling stupid about what my anxiety affects. Supposedly a 19 year old is to have a job, drive a car and do a range of activities and my anxiety severely hinders this. The changes I have to make to control my anxiety, often makes me feel like an 9 year old, rather than an 19 year old. But even though this is the case, we all have different things we have to battle, and even if this cannot be seen on the outside, there may be a huge fight on the inside.

Generally speaking, the complete panic over going into school for example, seems complete disproportionate, and even above comprehension. I was sat thinking about this the other day. How to an anxiety sufferer, certain situations can take over the whole world in a second and yet others walking past are oblivious and would see no logical explanation as to why it was occurring.

Nevertheless, the thought that I had about this did make me think. But, it doesn't take away the greatness of your struggle, because you and I both know that the battle of anxiety is very real. Everyone has demons to battle and it just so happens that yours is one not in line with the rest of your friends, but that doesn't matter. In the end "the race is only with yourself."

Keep going,
Amy Xx