Do I have long left?

I feel like I'm in a bubble; a bit like another world when I'm at university.

University has made me realise how quickly time does go. The leaving of school and clubs all comes too quickly and before you know it, you're an adult. It's weird to think that once you thought that day will never arrive and yet it does. It's important to remember that.

I find myself constantly reflecting on the past; in a way, I'm looking at how quickly time is going. Even though I find myself doing this, I cannot stop the time from moving forward as much as I'd like it to. 

I think I've come to the conclusion that although time cannot be stopped and you cannot hold onto the moments any more than the seconds that pass by, you can make the most of your time, and you can accept the time that you have. This is all part of life and and as much as we'd like to relive these moments, it is possible to recreate some if we wish. The truth is, life is just made up of moments and it's important to enjoy it as much as we can. After all, who knows when it's going to end; the latest events in my life act as a reminder of that.

To accept is to be content. 

Best Wishes,

Amy Xx