10 facts about me!

The lovely Anna from A whole lot of chitty chat nominated me for the 10 facts about me tag. So, here goes!

1. I am currently studying Law at university and plan to have a career in Law; whether that be a lawyer or as a member of the police force.

2. I love quotes!

3. You will never find me without my camera.

4. I am constantly thinking about life and writing pages on it. Always thinking about the philosophical meaning and trying to find answers.

5. Travelling and concerts are some of my favourite pastimes. I will almost never miss an opportunity to go to a concert or go travelling.

6. Animals are a gift and I would look after and rescue as many as possible, if I could. 

7. I'm always on the search for new music.

8. I love cycling!

9. I am a workaholic.

10. I strongly believe in equal rights and the breaking down of gender stereotypes.

That concludes the ten facts about me.

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx