I am not a robot

Although I have travelled far on my road to recovery, I still have some bad days. And, I suppose as much as I dread and hate these days, they are there as a reminder that "I am not a robot."

For various reasons, I like to remain sound and steady, but there are days in which you can't; in which anxiety hits you and all of the wounds are opened up for everyone to see. For some, this isn't too much of a problem. But for others, it's like digging their own grave. Both ways will depend on the person and their environment. If I could, I would avoid these days, not because of the pain that ensues, but because of the raw emotion that others can see. You and I both know that we all have feelings. Even the harshest and strongest of people, have emotions and there will come a time where these emotions will come through; whether we like it or not. It is something we cannot help. It just so happens that some people are better at hiding it or prefer not to show it.

The other day, something triggered my anxiety for no good reason, but of course; this is how it works! The way I like to see it, is as someone poking a bees nest. In the end however, we are not robots, even we appear or try to be. Emotion will always be there.

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx