The time will come

I've always been one for seizing the moment and making the most out of life. Don't get me wrong, anxiety hasn't made this easy as I couldn't take part in every opportunity I would've liked to. Nevertheless, I still try to.

Although people say that it is important to do this, I find that we aren't always ready to, for various reasons. Whether that be development or a mental health issue. This is completely normal and everyone at all stages of life, develop and change at different rates. I think we forget this sometimes, and that is why we can get frustrated if we don't achieve something that someone else is. There's also the haunting feeling that it will never get easier and no matter how hard we try, we will still get anxious and scared.

Since moving to university however, I've had a bit of a revelation. Although I see it as important to seize the day, I find that by going with the flow of whatever life throws at me, helps. For example, two years ago there is no way that I would've moved out, no matter how much I tried, but in time I have and I am having the time of my life. The one thing that really brought all of this to my attention was the fact of going on nights out. For years I've hated it, because it's made me really anxious and the environment just isn't my thing. But the other week or so, I suppose something clicked and it doesn't feel as bad anymore. I managed to go clubbing three nights last week! I feel this is because the time has come, that I finally feel comfortable with it. 

This isn't to say, that we should never get out of our comfort zones, but perhaps if you struggle with things routinely, then there may be a time when you won't anymore. I'm hoping that this happens with driving and employment.

I find it strange how a few weeks ago, I would've stayed in and now, I'm going out quite a bit. 

It all takes time.

Best wishes,