Raw letter

My poem, 'Raw Letter' based upon the stigma of mental health. Please do not publish without permission. Copyrights to Relief From Anxiety. 

Dear a person who doesn't care to understand mental illness,

Do you know what it feels like to lose everything you've ever loved,
To lose yourself,
To be too scared to face the world,
Crying in a heap on the floor?

It would seem illogical that someone would stay in hell,
If they knew they could leave,
So why I am still here,
If I knew I could be alive?

But you wouldn't know what it's like for the world to black,
When everyone else is basking in the sun,
You wouldn't know what it's like,
To think you're the only one.

So don't tell me to be happy,
Because not everything is possible to change,
I've tried climbing up these walls,
but falling down time and again.

Would you ignore me if my blood pressure was too high?
Or if I had cancer running through my bones?
You'd surely tell me to get the right dose of medication,
So I could get back on my toes.

So tell me why I am so bad,
If my brain falls ill,
And I am not allowed medication,
Even if it's me it's going to kill?

So think again,
If i have made this up,
Because you wouldn't doubt,
If I was coughing my lungs up.

If you really believe that I would waste my young years,
Missing out on opportunities
And crying blood and tears,
If I could just embrace life in all its glory,
Try telling me again this is just another fictional story.

Do you think it's fair?
That we only believe in what we can see?
Because once in a life the world was flat
Until it was found what it could really be

Science has proven that chemicals are at play,
It just so happens that blood isn't dripping out of my brain,
Because that is what it feels like,
Every single day,
But you wouldn't know because you can't see pain.

We can still work
And we can still play
We're just people with high blood pressure
Living day to day.

We are more vulnerable,
And the media is just a game,
It's time to look out of the box
And see the reality the right way.

We are not killers,
And no one is a saint,
So stand against your merky view
Of mental health today.