A quick note to apologize for the lack of blog posts over these past few weeks - I do have an explanation! I am currently taking my exams and the normal routine should continue as usual, in July.

In the meantime, a few links that might be useful to you:

 - To never miss a blog post of mine again, follow me on bloglovin, here.

- I am holding a meet up for my blog and mental health awareness advocates on the 2nd of July 2015. You can find a summary of the details,
here. (You must contact me for the password to buy a ticket - they're free! And to find out more details)

- I am doing a 5 day cycle through Germany to raise money for Mind charity. Please sponsor me through Just Giving. Any amount is greatly appreciated! To sponsor me, click here.

- If you wish to contact me, I am only an email away: reliefromanxiety@gmail.com (or you can find me on twitter)

Until next time,
Amy xx