Germany in Mind again?!

For the second year in a row I have cycled for Mind charity. Today, I will explain why this journey has been a little different. However before discussing that, the places I had traveled to this year seemed quite nice. Munich was like a bigger London and the various places after that were very traditional. At various points the views were spectacular and you could see the Alps. It was my 3rd time in Germany and I was fortunate enough to do some translation and speaking! Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great, but that was okay.

Starting from the beginning, we traveled by plane to Munich to begin the four day round trip of a total of 120 miles. However this didn't quite go as planned. Due to unforeseen circumstances of my anxiety, I only managed to complete two days and a total of 60 miles on my bike. On the 3rd day of the trip, I had a massive panic attack and my mental health started to go into the turmoil of a downward spiral due to various reasons, which weren't entirely expected. But it doesn't stop there...I knew that on that day, I could either continue to the end of the holiday, which was a further 4 days and possibly put myself in danger or get home. The only issue I had was that I would have to travel by myself. Not only does travelling make me anxious, but I now would have to travel 2 hours by train through Germany and then 2 hours by plane, all alone. This is something which I had never done before. However, I had to get out of there and thus I did. I managed to get back to England completely independently, speaking German language on the way to help me find my way. I'd say that although I only did half of the cycle which is an accomplishment in itself, in a weird twist of fate I also managed to accomplish something massive whilst facing some sort of blip.

I appreciate all of the support I have had during the build up to my sponsored cycle and I appreciate all money that has been given during my cycle. It's a shame that I couldn't finish it, but you can still sponsor me for the cycling I did do, here. Be proud of how far you've come!

I've included some photos down below: