It's impossible

I often find myself thinking things are impossible, but that's not always the case.

Too often than not I find myself looking back on past events and wondering how it was even possible for such things to occur - almost as if some these events were a blessing in disguise; such as one of my idols turning up at my house randomly one day because a family member wrote a letter explaining what a big fan my Mum was or meeting a person at university who I am so well matched with and whom has been through similar to me and is understanding or that I have survived serious episodes of depression.

There is no way that any ordinary person would argue these things to be possible, extremely unlikely at the very most. It gives me a new perspective; one which life is magical, where things are possible, and things do happen when you least expect it. There are just some moments in life, where things cannot be comprehended and where it blows your mind even thinking about it. Things which make me think that perhaps some things could come true, which otherwise I would never believe in.

Before I start becoming or philosophical, I better stop! I just think it's important to note that sometimes a weird twist of fate is all it takes to turn your life around. One second too early, too late or a random event and it changes the view that things are just black as they are white. 

Keep it in mind.
Amy Xx