The art of postive thinking

I've been involved recently in an experiment, an experiment that I've created myself with the basis of positivity. 

How many times have you heard people saying; "just cheer up" or think positively and it will all be fine? I know full well that this isn't possible for everyone and at every stage of life, especially in the case of depression. Trust me, it angers me more than anything when people tell me just to "be happy" when I am depressed. However, positivity definitely makes a big impact on your life if you can enforce it. 

When it came to the revision of my A-level exams, I had felt very defeatist and like I was fighting a losing battle. However, I know that if I gave up, I would never have a chance at getting success. Second of all and perhaps the biggest change to my mindset, was that instead of staying down and in pity when an essay didn't go well, or a grade went down, I would have my moment and then begin again. Don't get me wrong, it is extremely hard to find the strength in yourself to get back up, even when you feel nothing is going your way. However, it's possible and you can do it. For a while now I have been trying out this positive mindset and it has helped tremendously. It takes a lot of work and training, but it should have a beneficial impact. 

Another way in which I have tried to train my brain is through writing speeches which I can read to myself every morning. It's proven that by feeding yourself with positive thoughts your doubts will fail to exist. 

There is a big difference between battling depression and thinking positively and it's important to make this distinction. Because, telling someone who is battling depression to think positively, will just make things worse.

Amy. Xx