Tips for a good day!

Here's my top tips for a good start to the day!

1. Music - brighten your morning with your favourite upbeat songs or favourite playlist. I have created a morning playlist which helps me to get going in the morning. Music can really affect your mood and it's always great to have little dance whilst you're getting ready.

2. Look after yourself - You always feel better if you put a little bit more effort into your appearance. Of course, this is subjective. For me however, it's paying more attention to my outfit, hair, makeup and hygiene. I always feel more ready for the day that way.

3. Breakfast - having a good breakfast is always a good start. Not only for your health, but in getting yourself ready for the day. It provides energy, but also helps you to have some sort of routine.

4. Yoga - I always find that doing some yoga in the morning is a great start to the day. Not only does it get the blood pumping, but wakes you up. It also helps to get you in the right mindset. If course, there are other types of activity that may work in the same way for you.

5. Active - by getting straight out of bed as soon as your wake up and leaving the house as soon as you've finished getting ready, you'll feel better for not wasting the day and not feel as groggy. I always find that I much more productive that way.