What university has taught me!

I have developed so much since I have been to university. It has taught me so much and I have overcome my expectations as an anxiety sufferer too and I'd like to share them with you:

1. House hunting! (which makes me feel old)
2. Paying rent and bills - scary (not really!)
3. Making complaints (and standing up for yourself such as the time our flat was accused of locking ourselves inside our dorm?!)
4. Meeting tonnes of new people and not being anxious about it.
5. Nights out, which I didn't have to go along with if I didn't want to.
4. Realizing how expensive food shopping actually is.
5. Practically living on delayed trains.
6. Sleeping being changed to the day and it being non-existent at night.
7. Cooking (although I could burn cereal, apparently)
8. Coping with work, which is expected.
9. How to compromise.
10. How to budget! 

Are you going to university?
Amy Xx