The charity shop

For those of you who have kept up to date with my twitter, you'll know that I worked in a charity shop over the Summer. I also did a weeks work experience in a law firm, which I will go into more detail later.

Working in a shop was something I never thought I would do. Once upon a time, I got severe panic attacks any time that I went into a shop and asked for a job or I just couldn't step foot into the shop to ask - my body just froze. But, as of recently I have grown in confidence and applied to work in the charity shop. Working in the shop has grown my confidence with the tasks I had to complete including serving customers, sorting out donations and organising displays. 

I finally felt that the time had come that I felt comfortable enough to be able to control my anxiety to an extent to which was manageable. It turns out that after years of panicking, I was calm and collected when applying and when working there; taking everything in my stride. I am proud of how far I have come in terms of my job anxiety, and I hope to continue through the stages and get a paid job next year. It is completely out of my comfort zone, but I knew it was something I needed to do and I am glad and proud that I have. 

What other people are doing at my age is not for me to compare. Although many of my peers have had jobs for years, they may not have dealt with the severity of a mental illness. Therefore if you don't feel ready yet, that is okay. You are on your own journey.

Let's keep kicking the anxiety!,

Amy Xx