Work experience again!

Earlier in the summer I did a work experience placement at a Law firm for five days. It was a 9-5 working day, which I must admit was tiring but something I must get used to!

Surprisingly I wasn't very nervous. This is unlike the previous year where I had work experience at another law firm and was quite nervous and where anxiety was rife at times. It was a very daunting experience, with the work being quite hands on. I worked on live cases, inquiries and worked in all departments of that firm. Each day was something new and different people to work with. There was no time to settle down and so every day was out of my comfort zone. I found the work I did very interesting, if a little nerve-wracking at times, but I knew I had to do my best to adapt to the situation I was in and I am very proud that I have done it. I have learnt a lot and also gained in confidence. I feel privileged that I got the opportunity and it has also shown me what I am capable of. Only a year ago, my anxiety was severely increased to what I felt earlier this Summer. 

You will get there!

Amy Xx