To make me feel better

We all have those bad days (Queue 'Bad day' by Daniel Powter!) and these aren't just exclusive to those of us who are suffering with mental illnesses. However, when having a bad day in terms of mental illness, it is a lot more difficult to sort and I still believe part of the solution is to look after yourself first and foremost, but that is for a later blog post.

With this post, I wanted to generically write about how I cope with having a bad day. Here's my list:

1. Cup of tea
2. Warm bath
3. Sleep
4.Writing down your thoughts of the day
5.Yoga or mindfulness
6. Something to take your mind off of the day (whatever your escape may be!) For me, it would probably be music or TV.
6. Exercise can make you feel better, but I often don't feel like doing when I feel a bit 'down in my boots!'
7. Ice cream always saves the day.

What does your list consist of?

Amy xx