Part 2: the process of revision

Its been almost been two years since I wrote my post on revision tips. I thought I'd write a part two, which is more about the practical side of revision. I have written in the past about generalized revision tips, but haven't given a full method as to how this is done and since exams will be coming up soon, I thought this might be useful. 


Preparation in life's a wide range of processes. For me, it's organizing my folders, gathering my notes together and most importantly creating mind maps to help me to revise. I may do this over the school year, so when it comes to revision I am prepared and ready to start.

Revision itself:

My other post has tips on how to revise, which you can find here. Revision itself can be a chore, but you have to remember that it will pay off in the end. Make sure that you follow the curriculum and learn all that is needed for the exams. These videos might give you some encouragement:


Whilst you are revising or perhaps after you've revised it all, you can begin to practice questions. Personally, I like to revise first. However, if I've revised a chapter I then like to test myself with an essay: timing is the absolute key. Once I've revised it all then I can do a mock, and figure out all of the parts which I need to focus on.

Key Checks:

Write a list of the other things you need to work on. 

Amy Xx