Teenage years and tears!

I am now a few months into being 20 or twenteen as I like to think. Unfortunately, this means I am no longer a teenager and half way to 40! Now being at the other side of the teenager years, I thought I would reflect and look back at any life lessons I've learnt:

You are still naive in your younger teenage years, and you won't realise it until you're much older. The quotes you once used to love as a thirteen year old are really cringe worthy and I am glad I have found better ones now.

The teenager years are a battleground of hormones, which can be utter hell. You've just got to hold on in there!

Never give in to peer pressure. I never did and I am so glad that I was the person I wanted to be the whole way through my teenager years.

study hard!

Don't worry if you're not keeping up with your peers. I am 20 and I'm still not doing some things that my peers are, but that's okay because I know my achievements are different to theirs. 

Your dress sense has always been a bit different, but that Goth and punk faze was totally awesome.

Girls can be awfully mean during the teenage years. Even your friends may turn their backs. I still can't quite get over how mean some of the girls during my school years were.

The problems you face aren't half as big as you think they are (presuming they're not serious!)

Sex, drugs, alcohol (and rock and roll) are all personal choices and it's completely up to you as to whether you undertake any. Never give in to peer pressure because it's 'cool'. I've always agreed with that from a young age and I'm glad I have made my own choices in my own time in regards to this.

Never be afraid to talk to teachers and parents!

All of the 'cool' stuff really isn't as 'cool' and hyped up as everyone makes it out to be.

Having fun is super important!

You'll be friends with some people you met during you teenage years even after they're over. I know I still am and I love them to pieces!

Don't stress too much about relationships during your younger years. It's not really worth it. 

Things change, people change, you change and it may be tough at times and even though it is a rollercoaster, you've just got to stick with it. Besides the struggle with being bullied and my mental health issues, I have had some fantastic times and memories I will never forget. 

What would you add?

Amy xx