Be proud of yourself

Too often than not we always seem to find a way of putting ourselves down. We're never as good as the next person and we're never going to do something. Sound familiar?

I find myself doing this more often than I should do and it's something I have done throughout my life. I have always compared and been hard on myself if I am not keeping up with others. I rarely take time to look at my achievements. However, it's time that this part of me changed and perhaps that you also need to look at this too. It does us no good being so hard on ourselves and leaves us feeling as if we are nothing in regards to the life that people lead around us.

However, if you spend time looking at yourself, then you'll soon see all of the battles you have won and all of the things you have achieved. I suppose mental illness isn't always a journey people tend to consider when looking at achievements. It's always the next big job or the next marriage, but hell it should be because battling mental illness is one of the strongest things you can do. Just because it's rarely spoken about, doesn't make it any less.

Not being able to leave my house, to now being at university, not being able to go to school but getting grades to get to university, battling the panic attacks, the depression, the demons and suicidal thoughts every single day is a huge achievement. It's time to realise the strength you have for battling death, for fighting through the horrific fear, for breathing, for doing things that people take for granted, for saving others with your help and for surviving. I can't put into words the great achievements you and I may have conquered in our journey, but they may even be greater than those around us. 

Be proud of you.

Amy Xx