Creeping around the corner

Depression is disease, one which is unpredictable and that's not the worst of it, but is what I'm going to focus on now.

You could be having a fairly good day in regards to your mental health, but depression can slowly creep around the corner. You don't know when and may not know why. As each half an hour passes, the harder it is to swim, the heavier the bricks are getting and the darker the atmosphere is becoming. As time passes, you are aware of it's presence but try to do what you can to fight it off and to keep going, but sometimes the bricks can break your back and you can't swim any more. This is the depression that creeps. This is the depression that is unexpected. This is the depression that makes it difficult to lift the hair-dryer to dry your hair, or to turn your clothes the right way round to get dressed.

It can come as quickly as it goes and you can make it through. We cannot be scared and be stopped by what it throws at us, but we can battle it.