Taking a trip to the sea

For my anniversary, we had a weekend trip away to an lovely seaside resort. This kind of environment is my perfect place and where I feel at home. There's something calming and joyful about the sea, the quirky shops and dogs running along the beach with the sun on your skin and the sea breeze.

Not only was this weekend lovely, but it made me stop and think. Just as the weekend was a break, there was also one in my mind. I felt that it reminded me of the happiness I have when I'm at home and the memories I have as a child. It also made me take a step back and realise how engrossed we can get in everyday life and that we can forget the most important things - those people who we love. A lot of the time, I feel we take them for granted and at the end of it all, these are the people who are going to mean everything to us, not an ornament on a side table. Things that once seemed to be the be all and end all, might in fact not be at all and there may be ways around it. It somehow, made me feel a lot better mentally, which was such a relief as I had been struggling a bit at the time. 

Taking some time out now and then is a good way to reflect and it's important so we can reclaim some perspective on our lives.

Amy Xx