Gift Boxz & giveaway! (CLOSED)

Not so long ago I got a message from Gordon at 'Gift Boxz' saying that he would be able to include some prizes into my giveaway (which you can still enter, here) True to his word I was sent a big box of gifts. But before going any further, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Gordon for working with me!

What is Gift Boxz?

Gift Boxz is a business set up with charity in mind in which 50% of its profits go to charity. There are a range of different charities that this money goes to which you can find out about by visiting the website. After wanting to give something back to society for a long time, Gordon finally took the opportunity to set up his business and personally, I think it's a very heart-warming and generous thing to do as the aim is to make a difference, and it certainly does that. Over on the website, there are a range of products suitable for all ages and of great quality, including a range of products for the house, garden and to treat yourself. The best part is, not only are you buying something you like or for others, but with the knowledge that half of your money is going to charity.

I am really pleased with the items I have been sent, ranging from cushions, to outdoor ornaments and kitchenware and I recommend you visiting the website and even ordering something!  I'd love to know what you think in the comments below. If you still aren't sure, then take a look at the pictures of the items I was sent below. Included in the pictures are some the prizes you can win thanks to Gift Boxz!

Giftz Boxz website:

Details to enter my giveaway:

Remember, if you want to win some of these prizes and more, then enter my giveaway by clicking, here and follow the steps!

Thanks again to Gordon,