Talking may be scary.

Talking may make you feel ashamed.

But talking can save your life. 

I always say that talking about your mental illness is one of the most important things that you can do to help with your recovery. Talking about your mental illness however can be a difficult task, I understand that. But, if you can speak to just one person who supports you, it will make your life just that bit easier. The people around you who support you, will be willing to support you through this element of your life also. They love you very much and I'm sure would be only more than happy to help. I've said this before, but imagine a situation where someone close to you was ill and they didn't tell you. You would have wanted to help them get better in any way you could. Similarly, there are people who want to help you through this also. You are not a burden.

Being ashamed of mental illness is common, but it shouldn't be. People feel weak and vulnerable and I myself have felt this at times too. But, you are stronger than you could ever imagine and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone. You are not weak, you are strong. I worried about what others were going to think about me, but if I hadn't spoken to those close to me, I wouldn't be here today. It saved my life and I sincerely hope you can have the courage to speak so you can have help too.

I know it can be scary. I know you can be sat there crying and trembling with the words stuck in your throat. But I know you have the courage to talk to those who love you and
to get on the road to recovery. 

Best Wishes,
Amy xx