Throwing mental health around

How many times do you hear the words "that's so depressing" when they've noticed it's raining or gotten a bad test result?

How many times have you heard someone say who can't make their mind up that they're "so bipolar"?

How many times have you heard someone say "you're mental" or "you need a straight jacket"?

I have, and only over the last week. I have to be honest that it is something that really bothers me. It undermines those who are struggling and certainly doesn't help with battling the stigma. Battling mental illness is one of hardest things to do and for people to take it with a pinch of salt is completely insensitive. I can let it pass if someone does it once or twice or they're not aware, but if they should have known better there really is no excuse. Please avoid using words that will only make people's lives harder and choose alternatives. 

Please, stop throwing mental health around.

Amy Xx