My mental health view

Growing up with mental illness and also speaking to others who have mental illness has led me to notice a few things about the services offered and I thought I'd share my two cents on the matter.

I find firstly the mental health services available less than satisfactory. For those who want to access services on the NHS have a very long wait, in which time mental illness could have deteriorated to the point which could become dangerous. When I applied to the NHS, I had a 7 month waiting list in which time my mental health was getting so much worse that I had to find private counselling. For a lot of people I know that it wont be possible because of the price. In this period of waiting, people's health is deteriorating and people are even dying. I find this utterly disgraceful. More money needs to be put into such services to decrease waiting times and to start helping people before it's too late. 

Similarly there are not enough beds for people who need urgent help and this is causing a grave problem for people who are struggling and are left in the community and trying to cope.

I also find GP's awareness of mental health causes massive problems. Often when people go to the doctors about their mental health get told that it's nothing significant and it isn't taken seriously. Although my first doctor I met understood what was happening, I was told about counselling services that didn't exist. Similarly, other doctors I have encountered have been really insensitive. However, the doctor I am currently seeing is amazing and understands what I am going through. However, I find it extremely important that all doctors are trained in mental health so that less people are turned away, struggling and on their own being told that their problems are 'part of growing up' or that it's not important. 

Currently I feel there is not enough help for people with mental health issues. More money needs to be injected. However, hopefully with the increase in awareness there will be an improvement of services. 

Amy Xx