My weight loss

The mind is powerful and sometimes I feel that we don't always make the most of it. Although I know that I have achieved a lot in terms of my mental illness journey and I have surpassed things that I never thought I would, I rarely pay attention to those and to the power and willingness that it took to overcome these issues. 

One of my latest challenges is my weight loss journey because of a medication (not a mental illness medication!) that made me put on weight. Although I have tried losing weight before, I have never managed to stick to it because I have always given in to the lovely food that is around me! However, this time is different. So far I have been on my weight loss and health journey for around two to three months and I have surprised myself as to how far I have come. My ulterior motive is due to my mother needing to lose weight in order to get her second kidney transplant. In order to help her through the ordeal, I have decided to lose weight with her and do it together. It certainly does help with encouragement, knowing that I am doing it for someone I love, even if it is very hard. 

The temptations around are very difficult to ignore and also having the motivation to exercise every single day, but if you really want to do it then you can. Your brain is extremely powerful and you can do things that you never thought you could. The willpower is within you and within me too, not just for losing weight but for overcoming the rest of my anxiety and depression challenges. It's surprisingly possible, even if it is tough. 

Do you have any willpower stories to share?

Amy Xx