If you've read my anxiety story, you'll know that I have had a close relationship with paracetamol in the past. Paracetamol used to be one of my many safety blankets for my anxiety. I used to take it almost every single day, which of course isn't good for my health, but irrationally, I thought that it would stop me from getting ill and that was a way bigger importance than the issues long-term use of paracetamol would cause me. I remember a specific time when I was in London for the Olympics and I was watching a netball match. It was such a big stadium in which I felt really trapped and began to feel ill. Today, I can correlate the sickness I was feeling to anxiety, but back in 2012 I couldn't. I took paracetamol to make me feel better and in a strange way it made me believe that I wouldn't be ill in front of all of the people in the stadium, which I know is completely untrue because paracetamol doesn't cure nausea, and sometimes it doesn't help with stomach aches. I wouldn't even listen to my Dad who is a paramedic - that's how strong the irrational brain can be. It slowly became a placebo, where if I took it I began to feel better, which of course was all in my mind. 

Over time, I managed to get out of this habit because deep down I knew it was ruining my health. I also began to be better at self control over the paracetamol as I went further into my recovery. I now don't use paracetamol in this way, apart from the odd occasion. But, I'm glad to say that I don't go through this any more and for any of you that do, it is possible to get through to the other side.

Amy Xx