Relationship anxiety

I feel anxiety will always creep in one way or another into a relationship - whichever kind of relationship that may be. There are always worries and doubts that you think of now and then, and this is normal because in some ways it's kind of a risk you are taking. But for some people it can become a bigger issue and I feel that I experience it. 

I've spoken about these issues with my counsellor and I feel that these issues have come from my childhood and the relationships I have seen around me. My anxiety mainly revolves a feeing similar to the fight or flight system and the feeling of needing to run away. I guess this is because I feel I may experience a similar thing to what I saw in other people's relationships as a child and it is my body's way of protecting itself. 

Although I've slowly improved with tackling this issue over time through talking to my counsellor, my understanding partner and writing numerous pages about, it is still a big issue for me. I do really struggle sometimes and I do get really wobbly for a few weeks at a time, with fluctuating emotions and confusion. However, I do manage to get through these issues with time and talking. The number of hours I have written about this trigger and thought about it are numerous, because a lot of the time I can't seem to grasp why am like this and why I get so doubtful. I'm extremely lucky that I am with someone who is so understanding of the difficulty is patient with it.

Although this has been difficult to write about, I thought I would share it in the hope that it would help others, but also to see if anyone else has a similar struggle.

Let me know!