Breaking a habit of a lifetime

Last month, I took a break with my family and friends to a lovely house near the coast. This was during the Easter break and I was extremely reluctant to go because I hate things being out my routine. Although the thought of it seemed lovely, I just felt so uncomfortable knowing that I wasn't going to be home during this time and that it was something that I wouldn't usually do in such a small break at home. Although I usually don't do things that would put me out of sorts, I thought I would go because I was invited and it would've have been rude not to, alongside the fact that I didn't want to lose any time that I would have spent with friends and family. 

I did end up going, and I have to say that I had a fantastic time. It was lovely to take a break away from my usual routine and now I know what its like, I would go again! It was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle and experience new things. It did really help me to clear my head too. It just showed me that being stuck in the same routine, however safe you may feel, doesn't always mean that it will be the most beneficial thing to do. As I experienced, It didn't make me feel that unstable at all, which was lovely. 

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Amy Xx